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Through tireless research and study, we found people in India struggling for finding their matchmaking/Life Partner. They often visit relatives or probable relative’s homes to find an interesting match. Ugh! This is too much time-consuming. Marriage is a sacred union no matter it is Telugo Matrimony or Tamil Matrimony and therefore must be taken care of while searching a match. Choosing a life partner with whom you are going to spend the rest of your life is a tedious task. Since, the use of Internet is very high in demand today why don’t the old adage marriages can be online, why can’t people unlock the opportunities to search for the ultimate soulmate? Why can’t they look for their partners at Matrimonial Sites India while saving their time? These all thoughts forced us to take matchmaking to the next level and hence we made a convenient platform i.e. Indian Wedding Sites where people from various communities, castes can find their perfect match from the comfort of their homes. This is none other than Apanasathi, a trusted Indian Matrimony Site

Happy Stories

19, February 2020

Manisha weds Ankit

19, February 2020

Parul  weds Vipin

19, February 2020

Akanksha weds Rajesh

19, February 2020

Jyoti weds Sandeep

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